We integrate multimodal experimental data, physics-based modeling
and machine learning techniques to understand, explore, and predict
the multiscale behaviour of the human heart

Precision medicine
in human heart modeling

We have come to a point where computational heart modeling really starts to benefit the patient, for improved diagnosis, prognosis, treatment planning, and medical device design.

Open-Access Review Paper

Sex matters: A comprehensive comparison of female and male hearts

The female heart is not just a smaller version of the male heart!
Together with Sarah St. Pierre and Ellen Kuhl, we present a significant body of evidence for sex differences across geometric, functional, and structural cardiac parameters.

Open-Access Review Paper

Sex differences in
drug-induced arrhythmogenesis

Do drugs affect female hearts differently?
And if so, why?

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Flemish PhD Cup

Mathias was one of the final 16 nominees for the Flemish PhD Cup,
a science communication competition supported by a.o. the Belgian National Radio and Television broadcasting agency.

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