Are you interested in cardiovascular biomechanics, physics-based modeling and/or machine learning techniques? We are looking for talented and motivated researchers to join our team.

PhD students

PhD vacancy - Modeling Cardiovascular Cell-Tissue Interaction

Push the frontier of the current understanding of the structure-function relationship in soft biological tissues.

The aim of this PhD project is to develop, implement, verify, calibrate, and validate a microstructurally and functionally informed computational framework that enables quantifying the biomechanical response of cardiovascular tissues using finite element analysis. In particular, a multiscale model will be developed to link the tissue biomechanics to cell mechanobiology (cell-matrix interaction). The outcomes of the developed framework will be leveraged to investigate the acute and long-term response of cardiovascular tissues to varying biomechanical stimuli.

Keywords: biomechanics, cell-extracellular matrix interaction, finite element method, discrete fiber modeling, growth and remodeling, representative volume elements, homogenization

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Research Visit

Funded PhD students are always welcome for a research visit.
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We currently do not have any funded postdoc positions available.
Nevertheless, we strongly motivate (prospective) postdoctoral applicants with a background in (bio)physics, biomechanics and/or computer science to contact us* by email, including a CV and a cover letter, and consider applying for one of the following fellowships:

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Master students

Interested engineering, medicine and computer science students are welcome to contact us to discuss possible projects.