Some excerpts of our outreach activities,
both for scientific and general public audiences.

European Society of Biomechanics

May, 2024

Mathias provided a webinar for the European Society of Biomechanics on
Physics-based modeling and machine learning synergies in human heart modeling.

Simulia Tech Talk

May, 2024

Mathias Peirlinck and Ellen Kuhl gave a Simulia Tech Talk,
on the New Abaqus Universal Material Subroutine for Soft Matter Systems

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Science news

February, 2024

Mathias was interviewed by Dutch and Belgian newspapers
about his research on digital twins of the human heart.

Welke hartklep werkt het best? Even uitproberen op een hartkopie.

Niemand sterft als het computerhart faalt: deze Belg maakt in Delft digitale tweelingen van uw hart.
De Morgen

Niemand sterft als het computerhart faalt: deze Belgische wetenschapper maakt digitale kopieen van je hart.
De Morgen

Universiteit van Nederland - Podcast

August, 2023

Together with the University of the Netherlands,
TU Delft developed the podcast series
'A world full of secrets: scientists in the footsteps of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek'.

Mathias was featured in this series.
Listen to the podcast below (in Dutch).

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Virtual Human Twin Experience Symposium

Jun, 2023

Mathias gave a talk at the 2023 Virtual Human Twin Experience Symposium on
"Physics-Based Modeling and Machine Learning Synergies to Explore Human Heart Pathophysiology."

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TU Delft | Stories

April, 2023

Mathias's research was featured by TU Delft
"How does your heart work: a digital twin holds all the answers."


Cardiovascular Biomechanics at TU Delft

March, 2023

A nice little blurb on the rise of new collaborative
Cardiovascular Biomechanics research lines and labs between TU Delft and Erasmus MC

TU Delft News
Amazing Erasmus MC

Science Figured Out

Jan, 2023

Mathias gave a a 3-minute pitch about cardiac digital twins.

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Laureate AIG Price

June, 2022

Mathias' research was featured in AIG Nieuws,
the quarterly magazine of Ghent University's
Engineering Alumni Association.

In Dutch.

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Dec, 2021

Our research was featured in a cartoon
by the great arnulf.be

In Dutch.

Cardiac Physiome

Dec, 2021

Mathias gave a talk at the 2021 Cardiac Physiome Satellite meeting on
Sex matters: male versus female drug-induced arrhythmogenicity.

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Closer Look Journal Club

Sept, 2021

Mathias gave a talk for the Closer Look Biomechanics Journal club,
on his research article
Using machine learning to characterize heart failure across the scale.

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Radio 1 - Nieuwe Feiten

Sept, 2021

Mathias was interviewed on Belgian public radio
about his research on Digital copies of soft living organs.

Audience share: +575k daily listeners
In Dutch.

EOS Science Magazine

Sept, 2021

Mathias published an article about his research
entitled Virtual heart surgery: trial without error
in EOS Science, a Flemish monthly popular science magazine.

EOS article

Flemish PhD Cup

Sept, 2021

Explaining the core of many years of doctoral research in an illuminating and captivating presentation of just three minutes – in front of a live audience, a jury and video cameras. That is the challenge of the Flemish PhD Cup.

Mathias Peirlinck is one of the researchers nominated for the Flemish PhD Cup 2021 🏆.
This was his pitch: Virtual heart surgery: trial without error.

In Dutch. Apologies for the poor audio quality.

Industry Arena: Leidenschaft für das Herz

April, 2021

Mathias was interviewed by Industry Arena,
Europe's largest platform for technical innovations.

Audience share: +500k subscribers. In German.


International media coverage COVID19 MODELING WORK


Our research on COVID19 outbreak dynamics
has been picked up by various news and media outlets worldwide

Stanford Medicine

July, 2019

Our journal article
Using machine learning to characterize heart failure across the scales
was featured by Stanford Cardiovascular Institute.

3sat - Nano Magazine

Sept, 2017

Ein Hertz aus Bytes: Operationen.

Television report on Mathias's work on the Aortic Arch Reconstruction in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome patients in collaboration with a.o. Christian Schlensack (DHZ Tübingen) and Björn Butz (simulation engineer at Dassault Systèmes Simulia Corp).

Audience share: +500k households. In German.